Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Zirkel® Magnetic Organizer


The Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Zirkel® is honored to be a product supporter for Casting for Recovery.  The Casting for Recovery organization focuses on survivors and provides a weekend of teaching survivors how to Fly Fish! Their goal is to demonstrate THRIVING after SURVIVING....They provide another level of wellness and aftercare through the movement of fly fishing, the camaraderie of other survivors as well as new information with medical breakthroughs.


Any item attracted to a magnet is immediately drawn to the outside edge of the Zirkel® and displayed in a sunburst pattern.  For instance, if a quilting pin is dropped sharp side down then the head of the pin will sit along the edge.  If the pin is dropped "head first" then the sharp side will sit along the edge.  Either way the items are dropped, they will always lay out in a flat sunburst pattern for easier pick up.

Category: Pink

Type: Magnetic Organizer

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